Thursday, 15 June 2017


Sandra Arminger's copy of the Weekly Trumpet contains an article on "Feudalism: God's Will Or Just Common Sense?" (The Sword Of The Lady, Chapter Two, p. 38)

We have discussed feudalism but here is a new angle and maybe a syllogism:

Only God could have willed the Change;
the Change enforced a return to feudalism;
therefore, God has willed feudalism.

Does anyone want to pursue this theological discussion?


  1. Paul:
    Proposition 2 is flawed. The Change enforced different ways of doing things, and feudalism is one of the possible ways. Unless someone can prove that following the Change, it's impossible to have a successful community without feudalism, the "syllogism" falls apart.

    For that matter, Proposition 1 is flawed. It assumes there are no malevolent entities with levels of power we'd consider godlike.

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    1. Mr Stirling,
      Thank you. I think I need you to send me your email address? Mine is

    2. Mr Stirling,
      In haste before. My thought was that, if you email me, then I will be able to reply with my postal address. (Thus, three means of communication will be used: blog, email and snail mail.)

    3. Done, email heading to Blighty and you.