Saturday, 10 June 2017

A Bridge Between ERB And CSL

There is not a great deal in common between Edgar Rice Burroughs and CS Lewis, between John Carter, saviour of Barsoom, and Aslan, saviour of Narnia. However, we discuss both ERB and CSL in relation to Poul Anderson because Anderson bridges that yawning chasm: sword-wielding heroes in his heroic fantasies and theological concerns in "The Problem of Pain," a title shared with CSL, and The Game Of Empire. Indeed, Aslan is a leonine incarnation in Narnia while Anderson's Father Axor seeks evidence of an alien incarnation elsewhere in this galaxy.

We have recently looked at politics on ERB's Barsoom, in Anderson's Technic civilization and in some other fictional realms and also at speculations about time in the works of Anderson, Blish, Stirling and Lewis.

In Britain, we are at an interesting pause before, potentially, a historical turning point. It can all go wrong - but life is very wrong already.

Later: It occurs to me that there are sword fights in Narnia but, of course, we also refer to other CSL works like The Great Divorce.


Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I've read many of CS Lewis' books, but only one of the Narnian stories. I'm not really a fan of those books, probably because they seem too "young" for me. But I do know Aslan is the Narnian Christ.

What you said about Fr. Axor and THE GAME OF EMPIRE reminded me of how there has been serious, non fictional speculations on whether Christ became Incarnate for the salvation of other races on other worlds.

It's becoming plain Theresa May made a bad mistake when she asked the Queen to call for a General Election. The Conservatives remain the single largest party, but no longer has a majority in the Commons. The UK may end up with a hung Parliament or a coalition government. And the biggest "winner" was the disastrous Jeremy Corbyn, with his archaic belief in bureaucratic socialism, anti-Americanism, weakness on terrorism, etc. So too much can easily go wrong in the UK, which would then affect the world.


Paul Shackley said...

CSL imagined a crisis in the British government in his 3rd Ransom novel but, of course, he showed us that demons were really behind it.

Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Since I believe the angels, good or bad, are real that is not such an unlikely idea. I can easily believe Satan and his minions tempt, influence, encourage, or inspire people to have bad ideas or believe in disastrous policies. That is one way of saying fallen angels "manipulate" a human gov't.

Note, I'm saying "influence," I'm not saying demons directly and personally control the UK or any other human gov't.