Friday, 13 January 2017

Tales Of The Flying Mountains And Genesis

(i) Tales and Genesis are two complete single volume future histories by Poul Anderson.

(ii) Tales is a collection whereas Genesis is a novel although both are episodic in structure.

(iii) Tales comprises four previously published stories, three new stories and other new material in the form of a Prologue, six Interludes and an Epilogue whereas Genesis is a single text.

(iv) Both feature slower than light interstellar travel.

(v) Tales describes human beings embarking towards Alpha Centauri whereas Genesis describes inorganic intelligences spreading between galaxies.

(vi) Tales summarizes the past history of space travel (see here) whereas Genesis summarizes the past history of evolution and technology (see here).

Future histories are built on past history:

HG Wells wrote An Outline Of History and The Shape of Things To Come;
Olaf Stapledon wrote Last And First Men and Last Men In London;
Poul and Karen Anderson described the decline of the Roman Empire in The King Of Ys whereas Poul Anderson described the decline of the Terran Empire in the History of Technic Civilization.


Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I would argue that PA described the flowering of Technic Civilization, its collapse in the Troubles, the restoration of order under the Terran Empire and then the decline of the Empire.


Paul Shackley said...

He did.