Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Draka Food

A short while ago, this blog developed an extended food thread. Apparently, SM Stirling's Draka also eat well although only one meal has been described so far in Marching Through Georgia. At Oakenwald, home of the von Shrakenbergs, servants present:

grilled meats on wooden platters;

American correspondent William Dreiser, "...buttering a scone...," found that:

"It was excellent as usual; he had not had a bad meal since Dakar. The meat dishes were a little too highly spiced, as always. It was a sort of Scottish-Austrian-Indonesian cuisine, with a touch of Louisiana thrown in." (Marching Through Georgia, p. 69)

When Dreiser's host "...raised his cup slightly...":

"Hands appeared to fill it, add cream and sugar." (ibid.)

- like Asimov's robots responding to their masters' every wish, except that these domestic servants are not robots but human serfs.

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