Monday, 13 October 2014

What Survives

I want to trace how a handful of civilized planets, including Freehold, (seem to) survive through the post-Imperial dark age called "the Long Night" into the later periods of interstellar civilization. However, this has mostly been covered by earlier posts.

The Technic History connects:

Dakota on Earth;
Dakotia on Atheia during the Imperial period;
Atheia as a member of the Allied Planets.
(See here, here and here.)

Searching the blog reveals connections between Atheia, Kraken and a few other planets that are colonies in the Imperial period and mentioned again later. We do not know for certain that Freehold survives but its techniques certainly do. An Atheian is killed and eaten on Lokon. His Krakener wife seeks the killer. Because Atheian flesh is alien on Lokon, its consumer will excrete compounds with odors detectable by neo-Freeholder organisms that can be given "'...the appropriate search program...'" (Flandry's Legacy, p. 689).

This is perfect Heinleinian future historical fiction: data imparted in an earlier installment of the pyramidally-structured series provide background information taken for granted in a later installment.

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