Thursday, 16 October 2014

Emil Dalmady

Emil Dalmady:

"...had been born and raised on Altai."
-Poul Anderson, The Van Rijn Method (New York, 2009), p. 524.

His parents sent him to:

"...managerial school offplanet..." (p. 526).

Solar Spice and Liquor employed him as their factor on Suleiman, where he outwitted the Baburites who later invaded Hermes and Mirkheim. Nicholas van Rijn, the owner of SSL, backed Dalmady as an entrepreneur. Some of Dalmady's children, including Judith Dalmady/Lundgren, accompanied David Falkayn (see also here) to Avalon (see also here).

Judith wrote accounts of:

her father's experience on Suleiman;
an incident on Ivanhoe (where Falkayn had been as an apprentice) of which Dalmady had heard when he was an entrepreneur;
an incident involving Falkayn's grandson on Avalon (see here).

These accounts were included in The Earth Book Of Stormgate. See also here.

Thus, the Dalmadys are an important family in the History of Technic Civilization.

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