Friday, 18 July 2014

People From The Future III

In Poul Anderson's Guardians Of Time, Everard's first three companions are his contemporaries but the fourth is Piet Van Sarawak from twenty fourth century Venus, of Dutch-Indonesian descent. Anderson tells us nothing about this version of Venus although SM Stirling has contributed several colorful details this very year.

Julio Vasquez, "...almost pure native Andean, though born in the twenty-second century..." (Time Patrol, p. 677), looks out of place in London, 1885. However:

"...this neighborhood had doubtless grown somewhat accustomed to exotic visitors. Not only was London the center of a planet-wide Empire, York Place divided Baker Street." (ibid.)

Again, we get the sense of the future being born in the past:

a reference to Earth as a planet;
the British Empire will not last but will have historical consequences;
London will remain a financial center;
another author will tell us of irregular visitors to Baker St.

It is all happening here and now - or there and then.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Hi, Paul!

And, of course, Nicholas van Rijn was another Dutch-Indonesian!

And we all know Baker Street is where Sherlock Holmes lived! Poul Anderson, being a Sherlock Holmes fan, just HAD to include an indirect allusion to that famous fictional detective. (Smiles)