Monday, 7 July 2014

Christopher Holm

(1) Arinnian of the Stormgate Choth on Avalon, whose human name is Christopher Holm, has translated several Ythrian works from Planha into Anglic.

(ii) The xenologist Fluoch of Mistwood brought from another planetary system a story that Arinnian adapted for The Earth Book Of Stormgate.

(iii) Also for the Earth Book, Arinnian and the editor Hloch wrote the accounts of Falkayn's visit to Merseia and of van Rijn's visit to Mirkheim.

(iv) Arinnian was the chief of the West Coronan guard during the Terran War on Avalon and afterwards married Tabitha Falkayn, a direct descendant of the Founder of the Avalonian colony.

(v) The Earth Book was compiled shortly after the Terran War, although based on earlier research. The incident described by Fluoch and the lives of both van Rijn and Falkayn had occurred several centuries earlier.

Multiverse, now in my possession, includes a new Dominic Flandry story and two Time Patrol stories, all by other authors.

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