Friday, 21 March 2014

Ostrog, Varagan And Brann

I do not often think about which actor should play which character but sometimes it is obvious although the case that I am about to suggest is a might-have-been.

Although the Daleks are Doctor Who's main continuing villains, the Master is another major continuing villain, a rebel Time Lord. (Parallel example: although Lex Luthor is Superman's main continuing villain, Zod is another major continuing villain, a rebel Kryptonian.)

The first actor to play the Master was Roger Delgado (1918-1973), who could easily have played Ostrog in HG Wells' The Sleeper Awakes. In fact, a TV series sequel to the film of the novel could have had the Sleeper surviving the plane crash at the end of the novel and continuing to lead the workers' revolution against Ostrog.

I mention Delgado on Poul Anderson Appreciation because surely he could also have played both the Exaltationist, Merau Varagan, who is the individual continuing villain in Anderson's Time Patrol series, and the Ranger, Brann, who is the villain in Anderson's The Corridors Of Time? - with one qualification. Good though Delgado looked with a beard, it would have had to be shaved off for Time Patrol and Corridors because Exaltationists and Rangers are beardless.

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