Wednesday, 19 March 2014


Poul Anderson, The Corridors Of Time (London, 1968).

Initially, Brann seems more reasonable than Storm. Paraphrase -

Brann: Storm says, "Wardens v. Rangers = absolute good v. absolute evil." Was that ever true?
Lockridge: Nazis - although Allies weren't saints.
Brann: Evidence that time war is analogous?

Brann: Rangers not saints. The war is ruthless. Is science that sends men into space and ends toil, famine and disease evil? Is the US Constitution evil? Should men not use reason? The Wardens' reign is horrific. Aryans value individuality; aborigines do not.

What do we make of this when we have all the evidence?

The US Constitution is not relevant since the Rangers do not preserve it! The Wardens' reign is horrific but so is the Rangers'. The Rangers end famine by issuing machine-produced food in assigned refectories and end toil for "...the useless..." (p. 143) but also generate unnecessary toil for convicts as an object lesson and " keep the population busy." (p. 145)

Men should reason and value individuality but also community. The pastoral beauty of much of the Wardens' realm is good whereas the urban ugliness of all of the Rangers' realm is bad. Green country and clean cities are synthesized in the following age.

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