Saturday, 2 March 2013

The Crew Of Leonora Christine II

In Chapter 5 of Poul Anderson's Tau Zero (London, 1973), we learn that:

Chief Engineer Boris Fedoroff, who is also communications officer, had previously been to Delta Pavonis and had had trouble adjusting to social changes on Earth during the forty three years of his absence;
Auguste Boudreau is Navigation Officer;
the Biosystems Chief is called Pereira;
the Medical officer is called Latvala.

Thus, we learn more about Federoff and add three more names to the crew list. As with Beta Virginis, where Leonora Christine is bound, probe data had indicated an Earth-like planet at Delta Pavonis but the reality had proved to be too unlike to colonize, hence that ship's return.

Chapter 5 is short and entirely people oriented.

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