Saturday, 2 March 2013

Tau Zero, Chapter 2

Although Poul Anderson's Tau Zero (London, 1973) is definitely set in the twenty third century, the text gives no year dates so I have arbitrarily assumed 2201 as Lars Telander's birth year in order to generate a timeline.

2201 Lars Telander born.
2204 First manned expedition to Alpha Centauri departs.
2208 Luna Farside Station receives first maser messages.
2226 Telander joins crew of first expedition to Epsilon Eridani.
2256 Epsilon Eridani expedition returns, having aged 11 years.
2257 Telander is first officer on Tau Ceti expedition.
2288 Tau Ceti expedition returns, having aged 13 years.
2291 Telander is captain of Leonora Christine. His brother's great-grandsons are adolescents.

Just before Leonora Christine departs, one crew member says of the interstellar voyage:

" 'It is a kind of death - followed by resurrection, perhaps, but nonetheless a death.' " (p. 25)

She does not know how prophetic this is.

Leonora Christine departs at the beginning of Chapter 3.

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