Sunday, 1 July 2012

"Flight To Forever" Timeline, Part II

4400-25,296 The time projector cannot emerge because it is enclosed by a half mile high stone tetrahedron erected by Ixchulhi conquerors.
25,296 Since the Ixchulhi wars, mathematical psychology has united the Galactic Empire. Primitive landsmen at Sol. Barbarians on the periphery and in the Magellanic Clouds.
26,000 The pyramid has become a wooded hill.
27,000 A small agricultural village.
28,000 Men quarry the pyramid for stone.
30,000 A small city has been built from the stones of the pyramid.
31,000 The Solar Matriarchy pays tribute to the Empire which has stopped expanding.
34,000 The barbarians have moved in and the city has been destroyed.
35,000 Peasant huts.
36,000 The Empire declines. A small troop has been hired to defend Earth.
45,000 Maurco the Doomer, holding only three systems, is the last Emperor anointed according to the proper forms.
50,000 Saunders' time effect wins a space battle. Empire restored. A rival sends Saunders onwards to prevent him from marrying Empress Taury.
60,000 Saunders stops the projector but salt water seeps in.
4 million years A city full of energies and a telepathic voice warning Saunders that its forces will destroy him if he stays. 
100 million Snow. A being who agrees that he should go on.
1 billion years Blue grass. A city that warns him away. The sea, then a mountain, the sun changing and Earth spiralling towards it. 
100 billion The Sun is a red giant.
Billions Darkness. The universe is dead.
Many billions Light. The universe is reforming.
Later. On a molten planet.
Geological ages Rain on naked rock. Then seas, land, jungles.
Millions. The Moon is recognisable.
Later. He recognises the village.
1936 He enters a bank and checks the date on a calender.
1973 He returns, a little early.

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