Saturday, 30 June 2012

"Flight To Forever" Timeline, Part I

1953 Martin Saunders visits from 1973 in the time projector.
1973 Saunders, physicist, and Sam Hull, mechanic, leave for 2073.
1993 Saunders visits from 1973.
2008 Saunders and Hull find that this is as far back as they can come from 2073. The energy required approaches infinity. They must seek help in the future.
2013 The automatics, lying in the fire-blackened basement, had struggled a little further back, then stopped, batteries drained.
2023 Charred stumps of the burned house. Energy has drained from the returning projector.
2043 As '63 and '53 but the pit is fresher and the projector is drawing too much energy.
2053 Same as '63 but sun instead of rain.
2063 A stop on the return journey to look for the automatic probes which had neither returned from 2073 to 1973 nor been found in 2073. The pit of the house.
2073 Saunders and Hull arrive from 1973 in the half-filled basement of the 1973 house, take readings and start back.
2200's.  Martian colonists revolt against Terrestrial Directorate. A defeated Directorate army leaps forward in time.
2300's -2600's. Armageddonists (Fanatics) rule Earth.
2300's. The Time War. Unsuccessful attack of defeated Directorate army from the 2200's.
2500 Saunders and Hull arrive from 2008, on a hill. Men in black (Fanatics) kill Hull. Saunders flees.
Late 2600's Planetary League and African Dissenters overthrow Fanatics.
2600's-2800's Peace and progress. Chronology dating from the ascension of John Mteza I.
2800's Breakdown. Decay and attacks by barbarians from outer planets.
3000 Saunders, arriving in a besieged city-state, agrees to take the displaced mercenary, Belgotai of Syrtis, with him into the future. 
3100 Radioactivity where an atom bomb had destroyed the city.
3200 No radioactivity but a lifeless crater.
3500 A forest.
3600's  Faster than light drive. Interstellar travel.
4100 A dean of the American College informs Saunders and Belgotai by psychophone that it is impossible to return more than 70 years. An atomic engine replaces their batteries and they are given a psychophone.
4300 Nonhuman mercenaries guard Solar mercantile wealth against interstellar raiders and conquerors.
4400 Barbarians sack Earth.


tonyon said...

3d bioprinting = Immortality = go to stars

Paul Shackley said...

Thank you, Tonyon.

tonyon said...
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Sean M. Brooks said...

Hi, Tonyon!

Problem is, this is the first I've heard of "3d bioprinting," so I don't know what is meant. NOT the kind of "uploading" of personalities into an AI matrix and then "downloading" them into either robotic or cloned human bodies? Anderson speculated about such ideas in his late phase works, esp. his HARVEST OF STARS sequence.