Saturday, 29 April 2017

Reading And Learning

We can learn a lot of history and vocabulary by reading the works of Poul Anderson and SM Stirling. For example, I read about Scipio rescuing his father at the Battle of Ticinus in Anderson's Guardians Of Time before reading about the same incident in a Latin class at school and have just learned the collective noun for a group of tigers in Stirling's The Sunrise Lands. (A comics writer living in Lancaster suggested "a sadness" as the collective noun for a group of nerds.)

However, I feel that I am being kept in the dark about some information internal to the Emberverse narrative. What news did the British bring about Nantucket and what was the significance of the passenger pigeon in Chapter Three, pp. 52-53? I do not think that I have missed any of the text but we seem to be waiting a long time. However, we have all the time in the world(s). We are reading the seventh volume since the whole show got on the road, having already read an entire Nantucket Trilogy and an entire Bearkiller Trilogy. At least six more volumes stretch ahead of us. Anderson did not write any such lengthy linear sequence of novels although his various series did expand and proliferate.

We knew that we did not know what was going down with Nantucket so we should not be surprised to be surprised.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I've had similar experiences with the works of Poul Anderson. For example, it was from reading "Delenda Est" that I first knew of philosophers like Whitehead and Mumford. And it was from my correspondence with Anderson that I first learned about Eric Voegelin, and came to read his ISRAEL AND REVELATION.