Saturday, 25 February 2017

Intersecting Histories II

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Aeneas, Ythri And Vixen
In the 24th century, an Aenean Christian comes into conflict with the Ythrian New Faith on Avalon.
In the 25th century, Adzel meets Henry Kittredge from Vixen.
In the 29th century, Ythrian choths on Avalon accept human members and High Sky Choth mostly keeps to the Old Faith.
In the 31st century, Dominic Flandry meets Catherine Kittredge from Vixen and exiles Aenean rebels. Helen Kittredge from Vixen dies in combat.
In the 72nd century, a New Vixenite meets the Kirkasanter descendants of the Aenean exiles.

human-Ythrian interaction develops;
the long history of human beings on Vixen, then on New Vixen, and the equally long history of human beings on Aeneas, then on Kirkasant, eventually converge.

Earth And Merseia
In the 25th century, the Polesotechnic League shields Merseia from supernova radiation.
In the 29th century, the Roidhunate of Merseia is a distant but growing threat.
In the 31st century, the Roidhunate has become the main adversary of the Terran Empire although Merseian settlers on the human colony planet of Dennitza are loyal to the Emperor, not to the Roidhun. Olaf Magnusson, raised to be pro-Merseian, tries to become Emperor.
In the mid-4th millennium, the Empire falls and we infer that the Roidhunate does also.

not only human beings and Ythrians but also human beings and Merseians can share a planet;
we want to read a lot more of this history.


Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I have speculated that not all the Aenean exiles led by Hugh McCormac settled on Kirkasant. Because "Starfog" mentions the ruins of one ship only being studied by the Kirkasanters as they strove to regain higher technology. Also, a planet as metal "heavy" as Kirksasant with a higher than normal radiation level would not have been wholly satisfactory for colonization. In fact, these heavy metals and background radiation levels CHANGED Kirkasanter humans just enough that they could not have children by humans from other planets.

We even see speculation in "Starfog" that the ancestors who settled on Kirkasant broke away from a larger fleet. Perhaps one of McCormac's ships became lost to the main fleet. Or there was a dispute and that ship mutinied and left the fleet.


Paul Shackley said...

Only one ship on Kirksasant: a crucial detail.

Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

Indeed! And the smaller population and technology base that implies meant it took the Kirkasanters longer that they otherwise might have needed to regain high technology.

The question also arises, what happened to the other exiles led by McCormac? We see no mention of them in the stories set in the Post Imperial Era.