Saturday, 4 June 2016

Seeing Sense

After doing everything in his power to destroy Gratillonius, Procurator Bacca finally sees some sense when he has to appoint a new tribune at Aquilo.

(i) Any man of his would have an impossible task trying to control the diverse population of Confluentes.

(ii) Confluentes has become important because, despite all of Bacca's efforts, it flourishes and grows, attracting industrious immigrants.

(iii) The new town should become a necessary bulwark.

(iv) Gratillonius remains loyal to Rome.

(v) He is insubordinate but not rebellious.

(vi) He has accomplished much in Ys and Confluentes and would even make a powerful Emperor - if he were rebellious.

(vii) He is a leader strong, able and honest.

(viii) Gratillonius should be the new tribune.

We have known this and have wondered why Bacca was so blind but he is not completely blind after all. This is realistic politics. We have seen a man vilified, then praised when he was in office.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

The basic point to remember about Bacca is that he feared Gratillonius' policies would lead to the rise of a regional SEPARATISM, even war lordism, that would split the Empire. The way to prevent that, of course, would be for the Empire to both govern justly and remain capable of vigorously defending the borders. It was the failure to do so that inevitably led to the separatism Bacca dreaded.

And I would put some stress on how Bacca and Gratillonius even came to a kind of grudging liking for each other. They were both, after all, strong willed, able men. And it was very unfortunate they failed to work together.