Saturday, 4 June 2016

Poul Anderson's Multiverse

The History of Technic Civilization
The Time Patrol series
The King of Ys tetralogy (with Karen Anderson)
The Corridors Of Time
The Boat Of A Million Years
Mother Of Kings
The Broken Sword

I list these works by Poul Anderson because I have had occasion to compare them in recent posts. These novels and series do not form a linear sequence because they are not even of a single genre. Nevertheless, they present a multidimensional set of interconnections:

two different versions of Ys;
a time traveler who builds Stonehenge and an immortal who visits it;
various periods of British history;
barbarians, slavers and Empires in the past and future;
characters who approach the origin of the Arthurian legend;
a secret agent in the Terran Empire and another in fourth century Europe;
villainous characters engaging our sympathy as they die in combat;
Witch-Queens and their Sendings;
the Time Patrol and Ys each have a "Nine," although these two groups differ in every respect!

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