Friday, 5 February 2016

Commonwealth Institutions

SM Stirling, Conquistador (New York, 2004), Interlude, Rolfeston, pp. 151-157.

The inaugural meeting of the Commonwealth of New Virginia was in 1946. Twenty two years later, there is meeting of the Central Committee which, as always, is attended only by members of the Thirty Families. All Family heads are present many with their heirs, including:

John Rolfe with Charles;
Salvatore Colletta with Giovanni;
Solomon Pearlmutter with Abraham.

Giovanni is equivalent to John, as are Ioannes, Sean and Shane, but in what sense is this the same name if it can change that much?

John Rolfe, having been brought up to believe:

"...that self-control was the first mark of a gentleman." (p. 151) -

- later thinks:

"...if self-control makes a gentleman, that would mean Salvo was one too..." (p. 152) -

but this is a logical fallacy. If all gentlemen are self-controlled men, it does not follow that all self-controlled men are gentlemen, any more than it follows that, if all men are mammals, then all mammals are men.

The Commonwealth has acquired the Hawaiian islands. Rolfe moves and Pearlmutter seconds that the islands be Commission properties directly governed as common land like Rolfeston and the gold mines, subsidiary properties and franchises to be granted to Families on an investment and lottery basis but with some choice areas reserved for the Collettas, who opened the territory. There is a consensus for the motion which otherwise would have been referred to the House of Burgesses, a representative body with limited powers. Affiliates vote for Family candidates. Rolfe has a bigger affiliation and also more support among unaffiliated free-agent Settlers.

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