Thursday, 13 September 2012

The Valeria Matuchek Trilogy

It is almost a trilogy.

Volume I
In Poul Anderson's Operation Chaos, Valeria's parents meet and marry. Valeria is born and grows to the age of three. A demon kidnaps her but her parents rescue her from Hell.

Volume II
In Anderson's Operation Luna, Valeria turns fifteen and is the first human being on the Moon in her timeline.

Volume III
In his A Midsummer Tempest, Valeria, now a graduate student travelling between timelines, advises other travellers, including Holger Danske from Three Hearts And Three Lions, whom she meets in the inter-cosmic inn.

In "House Rule," we meet a regular of the inter-cosmic inn.
In "Losers' Night," the regular lists spectacular women including Moll Flanders, Sojourner Truth and Valeria Matuchek.

The writing order of the Volumes was I, III, II so Anderson filled in an account of Valeria's teenage years after he had included the adult Valeria as a supporting character in A Midsummer Tempest.

Maybe her flight to the Moon qualified her as a spectacular woman or perhaps there was more later? We would like to know the rest of her career but, as far as it goes, this trilogy, or tetralogy if we include Three Hearts And Three Lions, and its Epilogues is already a comprehensive, and not merely linear, narrative sequence.

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