Monday, 14 May 2012

Baen and Beyond

The Technic Civilization Saga published by Baen is a well presented series. I do not always agree with the way the volumes are divided up but I suppose they have to be of comparable length? Rise of the Terran Empire and Young Flandry are appropriate titles for omnibus volumes. Influenced by the Baen editions, I now propose the following way to present the series:

The History of Technic Civilization

The Earth Book of Stormgate: Expanded Edition
I Beginnings and Nicholas van Rijn
II Trader Team and Latter Days

The Terran Empire
III Rise of the Terran Empire
IV Young Flandry
V Flandry and Empire
VI Children of Empire

VII After the Empire

Rise of the Terran Empire must describe the pre-Flandry Empire in conflict with Avalonians including members of the Stormgate choth so this is an intermediate volume, both a sequel to the Earth Book and a prequel to Young Flandry. Similarly, After the Empire is both a sequel to the Terran Empire and, potentially, a prequel to subsequent history. If Anderson can write in Valhalla...

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