Friday, 30 January 2015

Witch Of The Demon Seas

"Witch of the Demon Seas" begins with the viewpoint of Khroman the conqueror as he watches his enemy, Corun, brought to him in chains. Nevertheless, Corun, not Khroman, turns out to be our hero.

Magic works so this is fantasy but the setting is sfnal - not Earth but a clouded planet where the large red Heaven-Fire is rarely seen and accurate navigation is not possible. There are human beings but also an amphibious race and some blue-skinned men who worship not the Heaven-Fire but gods that live below the clouds.

The characters have embarked on a voyage which, it seems, will have global repercussions but so far both Corun and the reader are in the dark and I am about to go to bed. I thought that I had three new stories to read in the ebook but, of course, "Out of the Iron Womb!" is "Holmgang," which is in the Psychotechnic History, so it is just "...Demon Seas" and something about a "Virgin..."

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