Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Titles, Rescues And Escapes, Times And Places


Two comments on the Ballantine Books edition of the original Time Patrol collection (see image):

I now suspect that Guardians Of Time is the earlier four-story collection whereas The Guardians Of Time is the later five-story collection just as The Time Patrol is the earlier nine-story omnibus collection whereas Time Patrol is the later ten-story omnibus collection;

Guardians Of Time is not four short novels.

If the first comment is sound, then there has in fact been a (sometimes slight) change of title for every expansion of the contents:

Guardians Of Time (four stories);
The Guardians Of Time (five);
Annals Of The Time Patrol (seven);
The Time Patrol (nine);
Time Patrol (ten).

I argued earlier that Time Patrol should be reduced to nine stories because the tenth belongs at the end of the long novel, The Shield Of Time.

Rescues And Escapes

Keith Denison, trapped in ancient Persia, is rescued by Manson Everard;
Wanda Tamberly, kidnapped by Luis Castelar, is rescued by Manson Everard;
Manson Everard and Piet Van Sarawak, trapped in an alternative twentieth century, escape;
Keith Denison, trapped in a second alternative twentieth century, is rescued by Wanda Tamberly;
Hugh Marlow, trapped in 1307, is rescued by Manson Everard.

Times And Places

In "The Sorrow of Odin the Goth,"each chapter is headed by a year, thus - "372";
in "The Year Of The Ransom," each chapter is headed by a date, thus - "10 September 1987";
in The Shield Of Time, each chapter is headed by a year, thus - "1987 A. D.";
in "Death And The Knight," each chapter is headed by a place and date, thus - "Paris, Tuesday, 10 October 1307."

This obvious way of heading chapters in time travel fiction developed very late in the series as the stories became more elaborate, involving more time traveling back and forth within each story. Nevertheless, there are no less than four ways of doing it here.

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