Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Back To The Collections

Randomly taking another Poul Anderson hard sf collection from a shelf, we find:

Beyond The Beyond (London, 1973)
"Memory" (Galaxy SF, 1957)
"Brake" (Astounding SF, 1957)
"The Sensitive Man" (Fantastic Universe SF, 1954)
"The Moonrakers" (If Worlds of SF, 1966)
"Starfog" (Analog Science Fact-Science Fiction, 1967)

We recognize "Brake" and "The Sensitive Man" as installments of Anderson's Psychotechnic History and "Starfog" as an installment of his Technic History. Thus, there are at most only two non-series stories present and this is yet another collection that can be liquidated into others in a rationalized Complete Works.

"Memory," as discussed very early on this blog (see here), is a story that looks as if it is part of the Technic History but turns out not to be. That leaves only "The Moonrakers" still to be discussed. When I read it once years ago, it seemed to be a sequel to something else but I will see what I think this time.

It starts with a guy in a space boat salvaging a wrecked spaceship containing crates with the manufacturer's date of 2000.

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