Thursday, 25 July 2013

Technology In The Star Beast II


(xi) Useless, repetitive memories can be taken out of the record.

(xii) The apparent acceleration of time with age worsens after two centuries but then flattens out as the nervous system adapts.

(xiii) However, both that apparent acceleration and the lack of incentive cause stasis, unproductiveness and procastination.

(xiv) The creator and the transmitter enable people to live apart but stay in touch so communities are obsolete.

(xv) Most people want few children.

(xvi) Robot ships can take recordings to the extra-solar colonies. Thus, those who want a more dynamic life leave Earth.

(xvii) Human labor remains necessary for some public services: psychiatry; supervision of the stations; entertainment; handicrafts, to be duplicated by the creators.

(xviii) Some people work a few hours per week or month either to pass the time or to acquire credit with which to buy services.

(xvix) The few remaining government functions are the responsibility of one man, the Coordinator.

(xx) The Solar language has no word for "crime." There is no motive for theft or violence, whether individual or collective, because everyone has a matter creator. Independence prevents friction. Psychoses have been removed from the records.

(xxi) Sol has no defenses because it is thought that no one would invade over light years at half light speed and, even if they did, they could be given anything they wanted from the matter creators.

(xxii) A forest covers Earth now that there are neither cities nor agriculture.

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