Wednesday, 1 June 2016


An evangelist who is not a fanatic should gain some insight and wisdom from his dealings with people. Bishop Corentinus says that -

(i) Pagans are apt to suspect magic and malice when anything goes wrong because they live without the comfort of Christian belief.

(ii) "'These endless winter nights drive everybody a bit crazy, too.'"
-The Dog and The Wolf, Chapter XIII, section 2, p. 254.

(iii) "'Hatred is easier to live with than fear...'" (ibid.) - because it provides a target.

(iv) Cadoc is disliked because he is an overzealous evangelist. The bishop will have to advise him.

I believe that being determines consciousness, i.e., that how people live determines how they perceive the world. First there is a mode of existence or means of livelihood, then there are ideas and values based on that, not the other way around. Endless nights driving people crazy is a good example of this.

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Sean M. Brooks said...

Kaor, Paul!

I think a major reason in the past for why long winter nights in temperate northern zones were so hard to endure was the sheer lack of being able to have truly GOOD light at night. Beeswax candles were costly and to use a lot of them regularly was simply not practical. Tallow was cheaper but smelly. So there wasn't much for people to do at night--if it required lighting.